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#10 Your Next Read - FlexAbility, Dr Karen Morley

April 5, 2022

When the pandemic hit there was the promise of a ‘post-pandemic reset’ that would make flexible work mainstream. But if anything, real flexibility has become harder, and the boundaries between personal and professional life have blurred even further. It seems overwork is here to stay, and we’ve seen an alarming rise in stress and burnout – so what is the solution? Leadership coach and psychologist Dr Karen Morley says that if we shift our focus from ‘where and when we work’ to ‘why and how we work’ we can rediscover where work fits into our sense of purpose, and better align our work practices to suit our life. If you’re ready to prioritise your wellbeing but don’t know where to start, Karen’s new book FlexAbility is an invaluable resource that should be your next read.


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