Your Next Read Podcast

#8 YOUR NEXT READ - Resilience Recipes, Fleur Heazlewood

March 3, 2022

The reality is that wellbeing isn't a nice-to-have – it is necessary. If we want to function as our best selves, we need to make space for our own wellbeing. Fleur Heazlewood is a resilience expert who has trained and mentored over 1000 people in positive leadership, mental health mastery and future-fit resilience building. In Resilience Recipes, Fleur shares her proven strategies to help you take back control and make choices that are healthy and helpful so you can rebuild your emotional resilience, increase mental adaptability and remain stronger going forward. If you’re feeling overworked and overwhelmed, and are ready to put your wellbeing first, this should be Your Next Read. 

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