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S2 Ep 16 - 100 days of Brave, Iolanthe Gabrie

September 16, 2022

Did you know 20% of small businesses will fail in their first year, 30% will fail in their second, and a staggering 50% of small businesses will fail after five years? That’s a whole lot of business failure, time, energy and passion unnecessarily going down the gurgler. Iolanthe Gabrie is a business mentor, speaker and author who has written the ultimate road-tested business guide for anyone who wants to work for themselves and enjoy the freedom and rewards that entrepreneurship brings. Whether you start with a part-time hustle or dive straight into a new full-time business, 100 Days of Brave offers a three months plan that is based off Iolanthe’s firsthand experience and is a must-read for any wannabe entrepreneur.


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